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EPN consistently provides top-quality executive talent for high-impact, critical positions to a wide variety of industries throughout the Northeast. Each of our placements is holistically considered in relation to our client’s specific development and leadership goals.

We source “solution” candidates – those with the core competencies, uniquely matched experience, and personality to fit every aspect of your company and positional missions.


You First

We need to know about YOU so we can find your ideal person.

We’ll take time to understand your business, its structure, and its market. We’ll dial in on current job duties as well as future growth needs. Together, we will create a working target and define ideal candidate attributes.

Candidate “Fit”

No cookie cutters here.

It’s important to remember that there are perfectly qualified applicants who may not be the best fit for your organization. We take pride in our ability to source candidates that will fit right in. The time we spend getting to know the most qualified individuals is just as important as the time we spend getting to know you.


We deliver nothing less than your complete satisfaction.

Finding ideal candidates for high-impact positions is what we’ve been doing for over 35 years. We customize guarantees for each client, so you can rest assured knowing that good things are coming your way.


Detective work is the difference.

News flash! Happy, productive, and capable people are unlikely to be actively seeking employment - these coveted individuals can be the most difficult to access through standard channels. We utilize every opportunity to connect you with top performing people.


Your confidentiality is ALWAYS assured.

Whether it’s a standard search or a confidential replacement, our absolute discretion is guaranteed.


Our track record speaks for itself.

We’ve placed dozens of highly skilled, successful executives into a wide array of businesses throughout the northeast. We pride ourselves on our track record of superior results across a variety of industries and company sizes. Our Success Stories speak for themselves.

Success Stories

"Confidential Replacement"
Confidential Replacement

A mid-sized subsidiary company in the photonics design, manufacturing, and software space needed to confidentially replace their underperforming Head of Finance and Accounting. EPN was retained to recruit someone who would not only perform well in the position as defined, but would also have the ability to evolve as the company continued to grow. Our top candidate, who was extremely well-qualified and had a perfectly suited management style, needed convincing to get involved in their exhaustive Topgrading® hiring process. Upon seeing the caliber of candidates we were providing, the client went ahead and terminated the underperformer before the search was even complete. Their confidence in EPN was rewarded, and our top candidate is thriving in the position. In addition to that placement, we were contracted to locate a new Head of IT and filled that position with a stellar candidate within sixty days.

"Stop The Bleeding"
Stop The Bleeding

Our client is a well-known food manufacturer with generally low turnover, except for the position of Head of Finance and Accounting. Although other search firms had found competent people to fill this position, none of them had fit in very well. Several individuals had actually moved out of the position within months of hire, which was quite unusual. A new board member, who is well known to EPN, recommended us to the CEO. It became clear that the previous turnover resulted from the larger firms’ failure to recognize that cultural fit is critically important. Although our client considered many candidates we presented, they selected the very first one who we had considered to be the top candidate. Eighteen months after hire, our candidate was promoted to CEO. This client still maintains low turnover, but they call us when they need us.

"Remote Location"
Remote Location

A dynamic, young food manufacturing client was creating the new position of Head of Finance and Accounting. The nearest urban center was an hour away. The client was worried about the difficulties of relocating someone to fill the position. As we know, not every individual is suited to a country lifestyle. EPN was recommended to the client by a highly respected business consultant, who specializes in fast-growing emergent companies. Until that time, our client had never utilized retained search services. We referred a number of candidates requiring relocation, yet we were hopeful that a local candidate would emerge. Significant detective work followed. We eventually identified a well-qualified and engaging local candidate who initially rejected the idea of leaving her current job. At EPN we believe the best candidates are happily and productively employed. We were convinced that she was the perfect fit for this client, so we followed up after she’d had some time to think about it. She then decided that a job change that did not occur under duress would actually be very beneficial to her career. Our client was thrilled to hire a perfectly suited, local and resourceful candidate committed to their meaningful mission.

Who we are

Geoff Eckler

Principal Consultant

After eight years of top-perfo­rming experience at two large recruiting firms, Geoff Eckler started EPN in 1984, and was based in Southern New Hampshire. From inception, EPN became the go-to firm for respected clients in the greater Boston and Southern NH markets, providing search services across multiple industries and positions.

In 1992, Geoff moved both his business and family to beautiful Woodstock, Vermont. From VT, Geoff continued to serve his MA and NH clientele, while creating new relationships with clients throughout Northern New England and beyond. EPN began to focus on retained search services across a diverse mix of industries for C/VP and other high impact, critical positions.

Geoff has held several volunteer positions on industry association and community boards, including President of the Northern New England Chapter of the National Association of Personnel Services, and VP of the Upper Valley Computer Industry Association, a local industry education and scholarship non-profit. He has also served as the Board Chair of the Woodstock Recreation Center, and was a Founding Board Member for the Union Arena Community Center, a privately funded $4.5M Ice Arena and Community Center in Woodstock, VT. Geoff is also avidly involved in the Woodstock Youth Hockey program, having served as a Board Member, Coaching Director, and Coach at various times, as well as coaching the Woodstock Union High School Boy’s Ice Hockey Varsity team.

While he isn’t coaching or playing hockey, Geoff enjoys skiing, hiking, and sailing, and refuels himself on locally crafted food and beverage in the company of his friends.

Lisa Morrison

Resource Specialist

Lisa Morrison earned her BA in Communications in 2003, and has spent her professional years honing skills in retail management, customer care, and marketing before she joined EPN in 2015. Lisa manages all of EPN’s written communications, and her perceptive and honest approach helps focus the candidate selection process. She also keeps the candidate pipeline filled, and prides herself on her ability to source the most experienced and well-matched candidates. In addition, she provides administrative and scheduling support, and accomplishes whatever it takes to ensure the success of EPN.

In her spare time, Lisa enjoys hiking, foraging, botany, cooking, and fiction. When she’s not in the woods or playing with her KitchenAid, Lisa utilizes her lengthy background in the Craft Brewing industry, sampling and appreciating well-crafted beverages from near and far.

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